Whether you’re a morning person, a siesta enthusiast, a thrill seeker, or a do-it-all parent, you likely have your own routine. A way of life or aura, if you will.
At Vibe, our goal is to complement your aura with the perfect coffee. Feel your senses activate as you brew beans from the world’s highest-rated organic farms. You’ll taste the science and art that our award-winning Brew Master pours into each roast. It's brewtastic.

What have we achieved?

A hug in a mug.
— US Sensory Champions Judge

Third wave coffee is a movement.  We strive to deliver the highest-quality coffee in the form of art, not just a convenience.  Much like its brethren wine and beer products, consumers have begun gravitating towards artisanal crafts and local production.  

How does it differ?  Vibe Coffee Co. has improved upon coffee plant growing, harvesting, and processing - all with a desire to improve the quality and freshness of roasting.  This movement has also helped revive ancient methods of coffee preparation, such as Vacuum Coffee and Pour-over brewing devices.

For who? Did you ever read and admire the inside artwork on your favorite vinyl record or cd’s.  Vibe is for those that appreciate the subtleties that our creators put into every bag of coffee.  Each line carries unique flavor profiles, teasing out the differences in varietal, roast and growing region.


Designed in San Carlos and roasted in Sacramento.  Contact us at VibeCoffeeCompany@gmail.com, or use below form.